2002 Kia Optima Questions

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Ok. I substitute a piece of metal on my aluminum gear- rod - to gear selector not sure if it's the metal that's sending power to the front lights that I attached to the rod end. Also the car sat in a three day storm but everything was sealed tight. After these two situations is when I noticed the lights coming off and on and no switch control. At first the ignition wouldn't turn off but it fixed itself so far. But lights come on by there selves and they are connected to the alarm witch first started this thing going. It we y off one time for nothing then this followed. Help please
can`t get gas to go into my 2002 KIA Optima, it takes forever to fill it up.
It will run for a few seconds but then dies but as long as you are turning the key on and off it stays cranked and running
Drove over 200 miles and shows it is not ready did it twice now
What fits in a 2002 optima is a 2004 good
only way I can get the tail lights to go off is to is to take the batty cables off
Its happened before.was able to turn wheel move car put back in park.
Neither the inside no r outside handle will open the driver door !
I made the corrections that made my car fail smog test and I have driven my car over 200 miles and need to know how to reset the engine so I can get the smog test and pass
I remove the keys and the brake/tail lights will not go out. I have to disconnect the battery to get them to go out.
please help I don't have a lot of money
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