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Same thing happens everyday
I just put in a new starter
While driving down the freeway my car desides it wants to drop the RPMs to zero and stall out. It will also do it at a stop light or sighn. It isnt a constant thing it happens once or twice a day then it drives fine. And it normally only does it when the check engine li check t is on. I havent ran the new codes yet but the one that keeps poppi g up is P0446. Any help or advice would be very much appropriated. Thanks for your time.
New wire from altenator to battery and from battery to starter and new ground wire and brand new interstate battery going through altenators like gasoline what's my problem
The frame is corroded really bad and I'm trying to figure out will they still honor the recall part on my car!
can something be done
The van was working good but then check ing turn on day or two later revers stop working and now ones in a wile i gota keep cracking it to turn on 1st. Is my tranny done or is other something I can due..2nd. Sparkplugs maybe giving problems to start or not?
This just recently started. Code and cleared, re-occurring.
is been happening quite often. I park my , turn the keys off and the auto light turn the lights off , but after some time the light turn back on by itself!!

Any ideas on how to fix this?

husband took off vapor charcoal canister. Is it normal for some charcoal to come out of the canister? Should I replace canister or can the fueling problems just be the canister vent valve which is a lot cheaper. Also husbands obd II gave code p0457 Evap emission control leak and p1166 mfg. control fuel air metering is this related to the fuel filling problem
starter went out i replaced it cranks good but still not getting gas is there a fuel reset and where is it at. if not what can i do the fuel pump is not kicking in
Alreday replaced both oxygen sensors still have check engine light and these codes - sensor circuit bank 1 sensor and sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 2
Car acts like it's not getting fuel and won't start. I had been on the freeway using the cruise control and suddenly the tach revved all the way to the right and then swung back and forth and then the car died. It's done similar things before and we've replaced the crankshaft position sensor, camshaft sensor, timing belt, spark plugs, and fuel filter. We determined the fuel pump is okay, working as it should. The check engine light has pretty much been on since I bought the car (used) this past March. i love it an it drives great but this problem is really getting to be a problem! Second time i got stuck by the side of the road, and now my mechanic is puzzled as he thought for sure this time it was the fuel pressure regulator and replaced it, but car is doing the same thing. I've had the codes run once before the last repair and it said it had a large vacuum leak somewhere and a miss in cyl. #1. My mechanic is stumped at the moment and i'm just sick of this problem, whatever it is! Any ideaS???? thanks in advance and thanks for the opportunity to ask!
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