2007 Kia Amanti Questions

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How do I fix this and will it drain my battery?
Is my toe out on my right wheel or wheel Bering bad every thing seams tight when I pull the tire off for inspection
My Amanti / 2007 won't start sometimes.. Yes it would start normally but sometimes it would not just start at all.

If I moved the keys it won't make any action at all, no sound, no movement, nothing.. however there are lights on dashboard, headlights and everything is fine, so I assume the battery is fine.

Then if I waited sometime (like half and hour to 2 hours.. its random) it would start as normal and again work till the problem comes again. (which is lets say once a week)

I live in the desert and an extremely dusty and hot environment (Middle East) so I suspect it could be heat, but I am not sure.

What could be the issue and how can I start troubleshooting it ?

If I take it to the mechanic, I can't create the starting problem there because its sometimes. And ironically in front of the mechanic it would always start fine :(
theres shows a bolt holding it on but im not seeing one and I know I have the right pulley.
How do you get to the headlight and how do you change the bulb. There is a cover that covers everything under the hood.
I have had to replace both headlights within the last year or so. Now one has blown again. It does not work on either low or high beam. One of the smaller lights next to the headlights is also out. What could be causing this?
turn on car
just stopped working when i was driving
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