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Q: Kia 2004 Sedona misfire codes on 2004 Kia Sedona

Our Kia sedona has a little over 90k miles. I am getting the p0300 random code along with the p0301,3 & 5 codes, all these cylinders are on the same side correct? I have yet to see any codes to do with cylinders 2,4 or 6. I've recently had the plugs, wires & timing belt replaced. I also have taken a new ignition coil and moved it to all 3 locations with no change in codes. Engine has a very rough idle but performs well after rpms come up. My local shop has no clue and I've read some bad reviews of Kia service centers so I'm hesitant to park it at the dealership for hundreds of dollars and no results. Any help / ideas would be appreciated, thanks.
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Did this problem start immediately after the timing belt was replaced? If so, the camshaft on bank number 1 could be out of time.
It's possible. We had the major service (timing belt, etc) after the van started having the rough idle. The mechanic that read the codes before the major service was not able to remember what they were. Would a timing issue be felt at lower rpms and not at higher ones? Once i get down on the throttle the van runs as good as it ever has. Thanks for the response.
It is possible to have one camshaft one tooth out of time and it only affects the idle quality. It is also very difficult to diagnose such a concern. The only way to know for sure is to remove whatever part of the timing cover is necessary to recheck the timing marks.
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