Q: Key Wont Pass ACC and Brakes and Weel Locked on 1996 Toyota Corolla

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One night i was driving, and woke up in the morning and went to try to start my car and the key wont pass the AC and my brakes are stiff and Weel is locked (Car is in Park)

Now we tried to Jack up the Car and Move it back and forth and move the weels nothing.

We tried installing a new Ignition and can't get to the screws that hold in the ignition

Any Ideas? (Also if you know How or were to find out how to take out a 96 corolla ignition plesse tell me)
Thank you
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Remove the screws removed from the trim panels that surround the steering column. Put the key in the ignition switch and wiggle the steering wheel to get the ignition to turn into the ACC position, with the key in the ACC position there is a pin that needs to be depressed in the barrel that surrounds the ignition switch housing that allows the ignition switch to be pulled outward. If the ignition switch can't be put in the ACC position a garage is your best option to get the ignition switch fitted as the ignition switch is located with anti-theft hardware to prevent theft and are difficult to remove.