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Q: Key won't come out of ignition on 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

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I have a 2006 Cobalt. When the car is put into park and turned off, the key will not turn beyond the "ACC", so it can't be removed. Any suggestions on what might cause this??

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You need to replace your shifter, I had the EXACT same problem. The shifter is making the key stick and not turn off ACC. If you look under your steering column you will see a small square pull that small square off and put your finger up there and try to find a small tiny button on the left hand side i believe. push that in and turn the key it will shit the car all the wat off. I had to push that button in multiple times until i got the shifter fixed. Go to any salvage or junk yard to see if they have any chevy cobalts with the sifter in it or just call around and see if anyone had a shifter...
There may be a fault with a micro switch in your shifter which sends the signal to allow the ignition lock cylinder to rotate to the "lock" position.
I had the same problem. I have done research on the web and found that one problem may be a pin coming loose in the shifter assembly that activates the micro switch that sends a signal to the ignition. This pin, about 3 to 4 inches long, has two uses; 1) to prevent the shifter from moving out of park without the brake pedal being pressed and 2) to allow the key to be turned off fully.

I had both issues above so with me being cheap and not wanting to spend $200 - $300 on a new shifter assembly I did some investigating. I took apart the center console and discovered that the pin did in fact rattle lose. The pin was laying along side the left side of the shifter assembly I took out the four nuts that held the shifter assembly in place and located where the pin came from. The pin can be reinserted about mid way on the assembly just below the micro switch which is located on the right hand side of the assembly. The pin can be kept in place with what is called "Lock Tight", a glue like substance that will stop the pin from rattling lose again - Just put some "Lock Tight" on the grooved portion of the pin. You can buy a tube for $4.00 on Amazon. Total cost to fix = $4.80 (including shipping). No need to buy a new shifter assembly or take it to a mechanic and pay them to fix it.

Hopefully this helps out!!!
Is the pin located under the shifter or in the steering column? My car is doing the same thing, the key gets stuck in the ignition and will only come out when I press the little button under the steering column. But it is getting no electrical power at all when I put the key in to try and turn it over then it gets stuck. Please help!!!
Under the shifter there is a pin that engages a micro switch when you go into park. My pin broke off and I bypassed the switch. I have had no problems for two years since bypassing the switch. The key can be pulled out of the ign lock cylinder now while in motion. It is cheaper than what Chevy wants for a new gear selector column. It takes about 20 minutes to fix
I had a similar problem. My key would not turn off and was stuck in the run position. A tumbler in the key mechanism had come loose and jammed the lock so that it would not turn. Rydell Automotive fixed the problem under warranty (I have a 2008 Cobalt) and I was able to pick up my car in three hours. I hope that this was of help to you.
I have a 06 cobalt with the same problem, except my shift lock is broken also. my 3 year old decided to shift into neutral and crashed into the garage. i feel this should be a recall for safety reasons.
Sensor in the shifter coluom is not registering you are in park. I had the same problem with my 05, luckly I had purchased the 60,000 mile warentee.
2005 chevy cobalt, same problem, stuck key. The shifter assembly eas said to have been replaced to rectify the problem. This did fix the key problem, however, the other problem that came up was the 280.00 bill.
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