Q: key stuck in ingntion on 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

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stop car put in park turn off engine key will not come out of ingntion ??? z4loop@
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You may have a sticking selenoid in the console due to liquid being spilled or it is failing. They are expensive to replace unless you can find one in a junkyard. Easiest fix is to remove the bottom cover on the steering column and remove the shift lock selenoid from there. It comunicates with the one in the console. I removed mine after getting sick of the problem and have not had any adverse effects. The only difference is the shift lock is no longer functional and your problem is hopefully gone if that is the cause. Google or Bing grandprix forums, you can find alot of answers there from people who have had the same problems because they own these cars and know from experience how to fix them. Thanks to them I no longer have this problem and my floorboard no longer has water standing in it. I have a 99 GTP coupe and grandprix forums has kept me from hating it. Don't you love computerized cars?!? LOL