key stuck on 1998 Volvo V70 XC

I can not remove the key from the ignition. I jiggled the steering wheel, I jiggled the shifter, nothing. Any ideas?

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Hi, and thanks Pat for the warm welcome! This is a common problem on the 1998 V70s.
The button is sticking because the shift knob is defective. The plastic starts to come apart and cause the shifter to stick, which creates a problem with the ignition key removal. The fix is to replace the knob, it is a real tricky job, but possible if you are mechanically inclined.
The other issue with the foot on/off the brake appears to be related to the sticking shift button.
There is a shift-lock over-ride button on the shift console that can get debris in there and stick, and can also cause the key to get stuck, so make sure that button is popping up all the way, about 1/4 - 3/8 of an inch.
The shift override button is definitely all the way down. Im going to try to get that loose. Thanks again. I got to get this key out!
Bret, you the man! I got the shift override button up and the key came right out. Now I can lock the doors! Thank You!
OMG it worked... You are awesome... I had a 375.00 quote to fix it and all I needed was you and a paper clip! Thank you so much :)
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Can you get the transmission to shift in and out of park with the engine running? Turn off the ignition, put your foot on the brake and try to shift the car in and out of park. When you put your foot on and off the brake pedal do you hear a faint click in the center console area around the the gear shift lever. There is a shift detent that doesn't allow you to shift out of park unless you have your foot on the brake but if this electrical solenoid doesn't function correctly (allowing the transmission to be shifted into park) it will not allow you to remove the ignition key.
Hi Thanks for answering my question. There is a little push button on the front side of the shifter( when you grab it to shift). That button is getting stuck in. If I wiggle it, it pops out. When it is out, I you must have foot on brake to shift. When it is stuck in, I can shift without foot on brake. So what is the next step? Can I do this my self?
Let me send this to Bret here at Repairpal, he was shop foreman at a Volvo dealer and is a brilliant Volvo technician.
Not only Volvo but a lot of manufacturers have the shit detent stick over time. Some times its just sweat from our hands, sometimes its spilled coffee or soft drinks. I wonder if you could spray "silicon" or even "WD40" on the button to free it up. I will send this to Bret right now.
Had same problem on my 99 V70XC AWD.. When I put automatic shifter into park the button wasn't fully disengaging to lock into place causing my key to be stuck in the ignition.. I touch the button on the shifter itself and it engages, locking shifter into park (you should hear the sound of it engaging)then the key comes out as it should. I didn't have to touch brake or turn wheel.. try that and hope that's all it is :-)
This same problem happened to me when i first got this car. I tried everything then i realized that the button on the shifter wasn't all the way down.
the problem is probably in the button on the shifting lever (if its an automatic). If the button is not all the way out when in "park", the ignition switch does not turn completely off, and the key cannot be removed. Wiggle the shifting lever, even twist it a bit till the button pops all the way out. Then turn the key to just a fraction on an inch more....and it will come out......I think.
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