Q: key does not unlock door antitheft malfunction with key fob and battery changed on 2000 Ford Taurus

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The key fob for taurus wagon anti theft is not working and door will not unlock at all. Cannot turn key. Changed battery on remote device. Auto is in park with brake on. Don't know anything about programming device and have just one key fob. What if anything can i do besides pay a Ford dealer to open it? Jaws2049 This has happened last night suddenly and car sits as is for now. Help
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if its a fop issue. to program press unlock on door while turning key to on not start off on off on. press lock and unlock on fop for fifteen seconds then release. if door locks and then unlocks it's programmed then turn key to off. Ive done this to pontiac pursuit and taurus and had both key fops in both vehicle at the same time so if you get another fop for car just press lock and unlock on second fop before turning the key off.