Q: keeping gas milage up on 1994 Toyota Corolla

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I hve a toyota corrolla 1994 , it has need pretty go but recently accident caused some front end damage wher the front hood has a dent and doesn't close all the way, addtional the battery on cold days I have to move there battery cables then turns over, additional I'm now losing gas mileage although I full up with mid grade gas seems to be leaving faster then usual athough travel is the same is it time for a tune up
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There isn't really any such thing as a tune up, and if someone sells you that, understand that it will not fix the problems you are experiencing. It sounds like the accident may have damaged some part of your starting/charging system that will need to be figured out and fixed.

Regarding the gas mileage drop--this can happen when there is a problem with the car. Do you have a check engine light on? This problem will also need some good diagnosis and repair help.
Well, if there aren't any lights, then the diagnosis is probably not going to be restricted to pulling codes and checking that out. It sounds like the starting/charging system will need to be physically inspected and tested.
I'm not experience any check engine light on, other then the cold or cold and rainy days an battery no light indicators are showing up. As far as the starting and charging diagnosis. Is this the type of repair you set up car for diagnosis and are feed a code, or is it best not to ask for that type of repair