Q: just wondering if anybody got the problem fixed and what the cost of it was!! on 1997 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

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im reading what people are saying are wrong..just wondering if anybody did the fix and if it worked and the cost for repairs...i know the cost will vary, but a ball park would be nice. Thanks!!
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yea sry, first time using the site wasnt sure how to list it. I have a chev.1500 truck 97 4x4 5.7L. I did a code check and found a couple of things that i have fixed. Now it is throwing a p1870 code. I was doing a little checking around to fine out what my truck is doing, a few others have in common.It started to ( hard shift ) one person said it is an easy fix for a trans guy. I am far from a mechanic( brakes,oil change,and a few other things is about my extent. p.s i will try to fine out what that 1 guy call it and what the fix entails and re- post. Thanks!
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