Q: just took my caliber to autozone. code is P0455/6 on 2007 Dodge Caliber

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they said it was evaporative emissions system leak...gross leak small leak. how serious is that?
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May be just the gas cap o-ring seal is failing or was not tightened properly at some point. Also an evap hose may have split or both. It is not that big of a deal in SC. Wish I was down there for about a month!
Not usually! Unless it vacuum related, may need a smoke test at a repair shop to locate it. Look around under the hood for a hose that may have came off.
I can usually keep it from stalling by tapping the gas...and the idle is fine in neutral.
Thanks for the info...I think I can at least sound like I know a bit when I take it in for
repair now. Smoke test sounds expensive. And there is always room in MB for one more!
Thanks! Aint bad here in VA, just love that beach y'all got, lucky dog! Of course we have one too, just not the same, at all.
Good luck with the repair!
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The EVAP system is on all vehicles now days, thanks to the environmental protection agency. The purpose of it is to ensure your vehicle 'is not' leaking gas fumes into the environment/atmosphere. It has nothing to do with how your vehicle runs, unless your purge solenoid continues to run on a open line, causing a lean condition. The purge solenoid should only run during engine warm ups, then stop running after the evap test. I Can Not say, as a person that has to obey the law on a open forum, :(, it is not serious, EPA, but can give you the information.
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