Q: just timing belt problem? on 2002 Ford Focus

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I have 02 focus 2L spi...have had to replace a lot of things lately but seemed to be running fine (besides what felt like occasional transmision slipage or might have even been just a loss of power?*would have to floor it to pick up speed* but only sometimes). driving on freeway last nite we felt a sudden little jolt while going about 70mph & it just shut off. tried to turn back on while still moving no luck but check engine lite was on. so we had towed & I scanned it & it says PO340 cam position sensor a bank 1 circiut malfultuction. My boyfriend (mechanic although not as knowldgable w newer cars as w hotrods)& tow guy said when turning over it sounds like timing belt broke. also heard how that now our motor mite be blown because the timing belt breaking would cause damaged that always the case? would that code be set from broke belt? any input would be greatly appreciated...thanks so much...nicolette
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A timing belt failure does not set any codes specific to the belt. But if the belt brakes the can sensor will register a fault because it senses something out of range. From here you will need to replace the failed belt and then see if any damage has occured to the valves once the mechanic timing is corrected.
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