Q: jet engine sound when accelerating. bearing asbly changed but still get jet roar on 2004 Buick LeSabre

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mechanic changed diver side front hub & bearing assembly but still get roaring sound from that area
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It's the passenger side that making the noise!!!! Want to bet??? IF you try to figure out which side is defective just by listening.... Be WRONG every time!!!
thanks for the input. i'm going back next week. i'll suggest my mechanic ck the other side.
The passenger side needs to be jacked up, put trans in drive and accelerate up to about 45 mph... It should make the "jet roar" noise! I can't explain why it's always the other side but it has fooled many a seasoned mechanic... Me included!... Only once though... I test'em now!
Finally got my car fixed & wanted to tell you that you were 100% correct! It was the passenger side & I advised the mechanic of your advise. Good call!! Thanks a bunch.