Q: jerking in right side of car on 2000 Saturn LS

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I hit a pot hole on passenger side. The next day car wouldn't pick up speed and when it did it overheated. Now I can't go over 30 miles or temp rises. There's a jerking feeling in engine on the right side where I hit pothole. Evaluation test said Catalytic Converter, but CARX mechanic doesn't think that's the problem
(1) Answer
Unless hitting the pothole closed up or restricted the exhaust system to the point where exhaust gasses cannot exit the engine it is unlikely impact with the pot hole is causing your problem. If it was suspected that it was an exhaust restriction problem the exhaust system can be checked for excessive back pressure. Its hard to speculate what the problem may be without experiencing the problem first hand or doing some tests but a restricted exhaust can cause a loss of power and over heating. Is the cat. conv. glowing red hot if you drive it?