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Distance to empty keeps getting lower every time I fill up. In the beginning it says 380mi sometimes 400mi to empty. However, it keeps getting lower, no it only says 300 or 320 to empty. It is a Jeep Wrangler 2016 S sport unlimited Sahara 4 doors. Can anybody tell me why thanks
My wires are damaged 2016 and I can get door wire harness from 2013
Is it same part number or item?
My wrangler has 1700 miles on it and my check engine light has turned on 5 times. Each time I've taken it in the dealership I bought it from says they can't fix it, after they took my jeep apart multiple times. The code that is being thrown is a random engine misfire and supposedly it's a stored code, I know nothing about cars so I'm very confused and frustrated in this situation.
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