2015 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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At the stop light. The ABS light came on. It would not allow the vehicle to travel faster than 15 mph.. After turning off the vehicle and waited 15 minutes. The vehicle could travel at a faster speed. But, was taxing the engine.
I found a replacement part on Ebay. Will you install it ?
As a new Wrangler (2Dr) owner, is it safe to drive the vehicle without the Freedom Panels installed?
I was told I need a tire programmer to resolve since I have a lift kit and 35 in. tires. Is this true and if I do not get one, what is the risk?
The Jeep has cut out while at high speeds and has also shut down at a crawl. I need to stop, turn the vehicle off and then back on the resume driving. This has happened multiple times in the past week. Check engine light came on once, but went off. I do not have the diagnostic codes.
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