2014 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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2014 jeep wrangle r got it in pieces trying to put it back together dash was out
I want to treat my 2014 JKU with Seafoam... I know that I must remove the vacuum line from the brake booster in order to "suck" the seafoam into the upper engine... I am trying to firmly pull the vacuum line off but I DON"T want to break anything !!! HELP !!!!
When I first start my jeep they are off and then when I am driving theyjust turn on. My cruise control will not work when they are on
someone tried to steal my jeep and damaged the door, so I´m trying to find out if I only can change the frame of the door, instead of replace the door.
Passanger Rear turn signal stopped working. I bought a new set at Advance and as I began to remove the cover the light began working. I did not replace the light just made sure the light was connected tight. only a week later it stopped working again. I hit the side of the cover and the light started working again. Should I just replace the light or is there other test I should do to ensure this is not a bigger problem?
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