2013 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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Several times a day. Sometimes when stopping the car makes a noise and the traction light comes on
Sterring wheel radio controls , horn,interior light,dashboard controls and traction controls don't work...replaced clock spring and cruise control switch already ...not sure what else it could be
What can be the problem for the lot of oil nuse
High pitch scream comes on intermittently while driving. Gauges are normal, I can be driving 5-70 mph and it comes on for 10-30 seconds. How do I turn it off?
I unintentionally pressed the panic button on Jeep wrangler. Since then, when I open the door, the alarm goes on, I can hardly disalarm. How can I solve this problem?
my 2013 keep wrangler sport jk is stuck in heat. air con press or is running, line is cold but very hot air coming our vents
What seems to make the problem better or worse? turning everything off
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
I just bought a 2013 Jeep Rubicon. The dealer tells me the popping I hear when I turn either right or left is from the after market rock rails that were on it when I bought it. Other than remove them: what can I do to stop the noise? I need the step to get up into the jeep.
Need to replace and can't find where it is.
At times various warning lights come on although truck runs well. Dash dials will sometimes spin. Car wouldn't start a few times. Problem since truck was new. Dealer is stumped, even with help from Chrysler. Various wiring harnesses and computers replaced and problem only got worse. Anybody hear of this?
Jeep dogtracks after i ran over a steep downward pitch in the road at a slightly high speed...i heard metal on metal..after the that the steering is all sloppy very hard to change lanes...vehicle travels at a angle when trying to change lanes..had the car checked out many times at the dealer they cant find any damage ...exhausted....hmmmmmmmmmmm
I have bought a 2013 jeep wrangler and it has no AC , and iam goeing to install a complete ac system . I want to know if the heater and evaporator housing is already installed I hope someone can tell me that . thank you.
when the vehicle has been in for maintenance how can i tell if the motor oil has been changed?
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