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The noise is so loud, you can't hear the radio or the person beside you.
I'm having the same problem 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport. My ABS and traction lights always come on & off while driving. Replaced the right rear wheel speed sensor (cost WAY too much at the dealership but that's what they recommended). Still have the same problem. Especially if I hit a pothole or speed bump. Ideas? Never trust a dealership :(
It appears to come through the firewall or kick panel junction inside via the air space under the cowl.
the screen on my radio fades in and out. took the dashboard off and there was water and rust around the radio. where is the water coming in and how can I stop the leaking?
Won't let me use keyless entry anymore.
I drive a manual so my E-brake is needed. The other day it was found in the middle of the road. I find myself having to pull up with both hands as hard as I can and rocking the car to make sure it holds. Sometimes I'll hear a loud pop and then it'll start Rolling. What may be wrong?
Fit time it has not started in 3 and a half years
My rubicon engine light came on so I went for a test drive with my dealerships garage foremen and he didnt have much to say about the problem other the my jeep is either plugged out the tail pipe or not getting enought air.
For it to just happen so quickly raise a few questions. But my engine runs fine it just revs extremely high for the speeds that I'm doing. And im pretty sure I can only see 2 shifts come out of my auto transmission.

Also i had just purchased this used just over 2 months ago and iv had nothing nut issues with it. It's burning oil to the point it dangerously low in less then 5000km.
It's not mixing in with my engine coolant. Has anyone else had a engine born oil this fast? There 100 000 km on the jeep. Iv had older cars and trucks work just fine at 300 000 with original motors.
Driver side floor was full of water, actual puddle.
rats ate engine wiring harness including fuel injector harness...all wiring harness replaced with a new one...still having idling unstable...check engine light on - all injectors open (p0201 - p0206)
I am trying to remember what 15,000 mile service entails.
i have looked at and appears that water is coming from front piler runing in from door seal where drivers side T top drip edge routs water of top. i looked at a 2011 in dealer lot and floor on drivers side was full of water. waht can i do to repair leak
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