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While 4 wheeling around Big Bend in 113 degree temps, it sounds like boiling
liquid under the jeep around the rear end. Should i be concerned? I had no
issues, just heard the boiling sound. 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
I have a 2011 Jeep Wrangler that needs a new Intake valve cover gasket
I can remote start it but it turns right off
When you take off when it sits for awhile it feels like the traction control kiks in for about 2 to 3 seconds
The car has been mostly sitting for four months. I've just driven it enough to keep the battery working until today when I drove it on a highway for 70 miles. That did not make the light go off.
I just drove about 70 miles on a highway and it didn't go off.
2011 bought new. Regular maintenance, turned in for recalls. Not driven hard, some 4 wheeling on hunting property. 36,000 miles. Driving on highway sudden pop pull over and oil leaking from bottom. No warning lights or nothing. Use synthetic oil from beginning.
When driving at slow speeds, so far under 20mph. My 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport starts to Hesitate/Jerk/pulling feel with the Traction Control light flickering off and on. You kind of hear a slight grinding noise as well. As if I were in 4wd and making a sharp turn. It happens in short pulses approx every 5 seconds.

This happens when:
-I am not in 4wd
- Driving straight
- Turning
- At slow speeds
- So far on smooth/dry road

Also the dome light flickers slightly
Cannot find it in the manual
Vehicle rumbles when driving. Like tire is flat or driving over rocky road. Feels like it's coming from the rear end. Thought it might be tires but they are fine
Erratic starting delayed starting
Leaking noticed after a year when Jeep was parked outside during overnight rain. Jeep had always been garaged until then so fault not noticed. Dealer has had an attempt with additional rubber and foam. Not successful. Second attempt being arranged. Warranty has 21 months to run. What if leaks still happening then? I've dried carpet each time leaks occur. No permanent damage yet but not using vehicle to travel in rain as no way to dry when away from home. Quite disappointed that this new vehicle has such an unacceptable flaw. Should dealer take vehicle back if problem not fixed as it does not serve purpose it was sold for.
every since i have had my jeep there has been a leak the dealership where i bought it says all jeeps leak is this true
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