2010 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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Auto shop diagnosed my noisy transmission and said they need to replace my dual mass flywheel. I cannot find online whether the stock flywheel is actually DM or solid.
I am a new owner of a jeep and I'm courious about the process on converting my jeep to 4wd
Could it be alternator going out?
Warning light goes on for 10 seconds then goes off for about 10 seconds keeps repeating this cycle
Driving and attempt to pass a car on open highway, drivng at40 mph, stomped on gas pedal and gas pedal stuck, drove for 1/4 to 1/2 mile at 80 mph, realized could not descend when let off pedal. Tried pumping brake, kept accelerating down a grade. slammed foot on gas pedal several times, finally gas pedal returned to normal and had control of it.
after OBD check i got these codes what should i do


visual inspection for wiring shows no problem or bent or loose or short

Jeep wrangler 2010 auto transmision 3.8L 4wheel wrangler unlimted sport
jeep was running fine absolutely no hard shifting or any sign of trouble.stopped and went in store came out and transmission fluid allover ground. tried to add some to it and it ran right through.
Also when Im driving down the road the rpm needle goes up and down slightly
my lock pick was damaged when unplugging and plugging in battery. is there a fix
car wheels
3.8 motor, manual trans.Did more in hot weather. BUT still happens when motor is running temp. I have 33,000 miles. It is definitely Spark knock or motor ping. I have read a lot about it however would like to hear from this site. Only pings when accelerating. Help me please?
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