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The problem is sporadic. It feels like I suddenly braked and then released the pedal, but my foot is only on the gas pedal.
Over heats & engine knocks
every thing works fine no check engine light but it will not hold when put in park please help thank you.
Drove 50 ft. and the listed warning lights came on. Not blinking. Solid. Returned to driveway. Turned off engine. Restarted and no warning lights. Drove 20 ft. and warning lights came on.

It is raining. Wondering if moisture could be contributing to the problem. Electrical? Where do I begin to look/check?
says "disc read error", says it is ejecting cd but it doesnt
While driving down the freeway, I started hearing a noise, almost like one of those cars that sounds like a rice burner. I pulled off and when I tried to go again, I lost all power and could not go above 30mph. What's could be causing this?
Day time running lights work but the headlights won't turn on. The high beams only come on if I continuously apply pressure to the turn signal bar.
Fuse? If yes, where is it located in the fuse box? Diagram for fuse box doesnt list headlights?
This did not happen during the winter but happens in the warmer days
drive mail route happens when I pull to stop at a box, does not occur daily, but 4 times in the last 6 days. checked at dealer, throws no code, no wiring loose, flashed the computer still having problem, no one has a clue to the cause.
My right rear door will not lock with the remote unless I click remote at least two or three times. Also when I get out and open the rear door it is locked.
How much to fix?
cooling fans didnt come on till i turnd a/c on then it stopped throwing water from radiator cap
my emergency brake pads got soaked with oil when axel seal leaked
Why would a dealer want me to get my driveline flushed at 14,000 miles. I have not towed anything or gone off road. I use 4wd in the winter part time. I did however upgrade my tires an rims.
Ankeny, IA
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