2007 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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Wcm module fails regularly. Taking out the fuse and replacing after 30 seconds fixes it temporarily. Can the module be taken out and cleaned
2007 wrangler, 58000 miles, automatic, 2wheel drive, automatic package,
the female part on my seat belt does not click to hold the seat belt together. does the whole seat belt need to be replaced or can that part be replaced and jow much should I expect to pay for either service?
Thank you
Windows won't ho up and downmakinv a noise
One window comes up othe other side goes down won't work together
I started my 2007 jeep wrangker this morning and the horn, wipers and wiper washer keeps going
It started doing this all of a sudden it had been running good
Took it in and the Tires Plus mechanic checked the starter, battery and were fine. They replaced the electronic throttle control body and has been starting the last 4 times.
Then it did it again less than 24hours after picking it up. Back in the shop for whatever problems. I feel like I'm getting hacked... Any suggestions?
Dash lights will come on and radio but jeep will not turn over,no click sound or anything. Checked fuses and also replaced battery in key due to remote lock/unlock stopped working at same time
I believe it needs to be replaced because it was driven with low oil and developed an engine knock. Knock still happens after oil was changed.
So...I screwed up, and put a quart of 80W-90 oil in my front differential, instead of the rear. And...when I realized my mistake...I combined quarts of 80W-90 with 85W-140 (1.8 quarts) to put into the rear differential. Thinking it wouldn't harm it....too badly. Reason being, I have only one car, I'm a single parent, and I was replacing both diff's seals and oil, late at night when my daughter was sleeping. Now...I need to know if I need/should be replacing that diff oil, for the proper oil, OR....will it survive a few thousand miles, when I decide to do it right.
Car got stuck between gears shifting to 4wd got it out and then when i tried to turn the wheel wouldnt budge. Im not sure what happened but i checked the belt for the powersteering near the pump and it looks fine along with the fluids. Not sure what caused this
death wobble and performance going up a steep hill on pavement. I can only do like 55 mph going up to Flagstaff (for local experts). My other jeeps never had any problem with this. I read about air intake etc. but not enough fix for me.
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