2004 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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RPM drop while driving.. car switches off after idle power while on neutral. this problem started after washing the engine.
Then the engine died.
I found a mouse had been living in the glove box for the winter. I can't find any chewed wiring. Now it turns over but doesn't fire.
Entire rear end
A.c. door blend broken.

if jeep sits for more than hour, it won't start on first try, but starts immediately on the second try. Does the whole fuel pump have to be replaced? Does it harm the system to drive in this condition?
I have replaced Coil pack, plugs, injectors and complete fuel pump! Tested fuel psi everything looks good, once in a while it will start and idle perfectly. What else should I check? It does throw a misfire code on #5 & 6 cylinders and sets check engine light! I even tried new fuel rail but nothing seems to help. Anyone have an idea?..
After a few seconds I can rev the engine slowly a few times and it returnes to normal , this jeep only has 34,000 miles on it and never driven off road or hard
Missfire code p0300. On excelleration gas pedal clicks medal on medal and does not excellerate properly. Engine light is on and sometimes blinks.
After driving at highway speed my oil pressure gauge sometimes goes to zero when I stop. It never does this if I put it in NEUTRAL as I roll to a stop. I replaced the oil pressure sending unit
and it stopped doing this for a few weeks, now it's doing it again.
Can I download data from RepairPal to my computer? I want to backup the data.
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