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My jeep wrangler 2003 has a problem starting. When I switch the key its start but does not stay on. What can it be.
How long have you had this problem? 3 WEEKS
Horn not working checked fuses ok,checked horn ok . Removed air bag ,would like to know what step to take .thanks,,!!
My rear plastic window in my Wrangler is too foggy to see through. Is there any solution available to remove this?
Cranks right back Up runs fine till I stop again continues to do this
I drove an hour 65/ 70 mph and was almost out of gas stopped to get gas @ some place I always do , vehicle would not start. acted like battery was dying , turn over maybe twice would not fire, and then show sign of like loss of power . tried again / nothin.
waited 20 min & started up like nothin happened 30 min later shut off again. same thing would not start . left it came back two hrs. later started up again like nothing happened drove 65 mph/ 70.45 min to store . turned off & tried to turn on came on? again came on ? like nothin happen hour later started, drove 20 min 65/70 * 20 min 30 /40 mph used short distance roughly 20 min a day later . no problem 40 mph Monday started off no problem 30 mph 20 min. & to 65/ 70 MPH 20 MIN THEN! In 4th Gear while shifting to 5th
Began to buck & loose power no throttle power at all as no gas.
Note : One two weeks prior to this I did loose my serpentine belt due to a faulty stationary fly wheel which had to be replaced But for two weeks I had no issue's what so ever! & the problem only was occurring when I shut off engine not while driving. I do hear a slight noise coming from gas tank as per pump maybe? engine turns over and gauges all seem to want to show & work but rough when try's to start but wont
Gauges go dead, fuel light will come on and gas gauge needle goes to E if i hit a bump. It comes right back to driving fine in a few seconds. If i put it in reverse it stalls even if i slip the clutch.
I was thinking ignition switch malfunction or starter malfunction.
2003 jeep wrangler Sahara. Clutch replaced @ mechanic shop 3 times. #4 JUST WENT...!!! Bought used 8.2013 needing #3 (9.6.13), #4 @2.23.14. Went again 9.2014. CRAZY TO replace #5, but need to know WHY???
Normal drive. No off roading
driving my jeep have to drop into 3rd to get up hill with foot to floor holding about 50 55 on flats she picks up speed but have found if falls below certain rpms have to drop again into 3rd she has not shown anything on computer except for o2 sensor// my buddy told me to look at it and sure enough it had a wire just barely hanging on I change top one due to it shorting after that issue of it bucking I did upper o2 sensor, change air filter, spark plugs, and she ran fine about a month or so later maybe two. Then she showed signs of lost acceleration/& she seems fine on flats most of time but a def notice of power acceleration / Mostr I get out of her now is 60 65 if going down hill maybe 70 75 ??
where as I would have her in in 3rd to 4th within say less then 10 to 12 seconds 65??
Now more like 2nd to 3 and then to 4th 30 to 40 seconds later 50 55 heading towards 60 // been told was time belt ? but from what I have read showing no signs of what I have read about reactions from time belt// some say PTC module// Others say// TP Sensor ?? // but if it were wouldn't they show on Computer along with if it was time chain wouldn't that show as well?
As stated she runs smooth a bit of hesitation on acceleration but smooth no issues with gauges or noises & as stated only two codes which did come up and were changed is pressure sensor for power steering and o2 sensor & both were changed
one thing I have yet to do is check the 2nd 02 sensor down by main cat as two of them on exhaust small one and larger down by muffler // but you know this.
Sometimes when I start my car the pressure gauge reads low and the light comes on. If I restart the car a few times the pressure gauge reads normal and everything is fine. I've checked my levels and everything is fine, could I have a bad sensor?
Having problem shifting into 1st and reverse, and only when first starting out. Doesn't happen all the time, when it does just push harder and goes in
rough idling and sometimes wont pull. lacks power
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