2000 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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Just bought jeep about a month ago. It has 128,000 miles and shifting was fine. Don't drive it much though has it is a weekend toy. Shifting became hard and grinds when trying to shift into reverse. Changed the transmission fluid to royal purple. It seemed to help a little but still not fixed. What other causes could be causing this? Slave cylinder or clutch issue its self.
After charging AC with freon, jeep will stall when in park/idle or in drive with foot on brake.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? keeping foot on accelerator
How long have you had this problem? just started
Replaced fuel pump, replaced fuel pump relay, replaced crankshaft sensor. It will start rough and if it's ove 2000 rpm runs smooth then dies after it drops to idle what else can be wrong, coil?
Check engine light comes on and off. It will crank up and go dead and ECM has what looks like oil in it
Needles bury to zero in speedometer and tachometer, and check engine light comes on. Vehicle does not die, stall, jerk or anything. .... Yet. I
if we wait eventually it will start or if we put another sensor in it starts happens everyday
the shifter in my jeep wrangler 5speed is very sloppy and loose except in fifth. What may be wrong with it, and if i went to a deal how much would it cost. Still drivable just loose shifting and sometimes grinds in second, (rarley)
I replaced it myself and was unaware of a recall. Will Jeep refund the money for the switch?
I think it's the power steering fluid. We put a stop-leak fluid in it, but it's not working? Could it be something else?
rim is 15, and I now have 222/75/15
The linkage is fine the vacuum houses going to the front wheels look fine. Any advice?
as the vehicle is being stopped the brake is applied and when the clutch pedal is pressed down the rpm's go from 1000 to 2000 rpms. I replaced the air control sensor what else could cause this problem.
I am having my stock NP 231 replaced with a re-manufactured one with the slip yolk kit already installed. I gave the mechanic the new transfer case and the new rear drive shaft. I just want to know how many hours I should be billed for labor.
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