1998 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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98 Jeep Wrangler sport 4.0 standard.

When I use my brakes sometimes there's an almost violent type of a jerk. But it doesn't jerk to side (like it would if it was a brake pad grabbing). It feels like it's coming from the drive train. But I'm no mechanic at all
My heater just quit working. I check the fluid level and mix, that was fine. I changed out the thermostat. There are no leaks from the core in the cabin, no smell of anti-freeze. Water pump is working, no leaks. Fans are blowing strong, just very cold! Why don't I have heat? HELP! PLEASE!
I have changed spark plugs wires cap and rotary button but codes still persist can fill the miss as I start to gain speed also loses power going up hill 4.0 inline 6 motor can anyone help?
I had left to go camping over a 4 day weekend and left my jeep in the driveway. I came back and it started fine, after a few min of warming up i heard loud crackling under the hood. I turned it off and had my mechanic friend listen to it. after a few min it had gone away. then it had done so again the next day when I started it up. My friend said that moisture may have gotten under my distributor cap (due to the rain) and caused a short, but he was baffled that it didn't misfire. Does this sound common or could there be a short somewhere else? 2.5l 4cyl by the way.
have new oil pump, screen,switch what should I do
going to check timing belt,break fluid,abs wheel sensor,abs control module replaced,oil light coolant leak, electrol system, vaccum leak diagnostic I have already asked questions but I forgot to tell you I also changed the oil pump as jdc72748.
a name for my jeep is poor jeep. I have the same question on 3/15/2015 and 3/17/2015 and more information on 3/18/2015
I have changed the oil pump strainer, checked the sensor use different oil 10-w50, I think, the switch when it's first starts the guage stays at the middle spot.
I have changed the pump, screen the switch
I have replaced the pump, screen.starter
crankshaft pulley came loose while driving, serpentine belt came off. inspection I found pulley loose and then pulled off of crankshaft. see that a rubber seal has dried an broken down. can I do this repair?
removed the spark-plug to check for spark and had nothing--can not hear the fuel pump at all---checked all the fuses and they check out ok -- it turns over but wont start,Im thinking its the computer but im not sure any ideas ?
Have changer ignition switch, coil, switch plate in dist.,crankshaft positionong sensor and computer still no spark to coil or plugs.. cranks but will not start.
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