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I put a used engine into a 97 wrangler, 6 cyl. Timed distributor, runs a high idle now and when I put it into 1st gear it wants to stall. I am at a loss on what else to look at. Plugs are good, fuel is getting to the fuel rack.
When my 97 wrangler is on it makes a loud sound and engine starts to rock or shake and engine light comes on plz help me solve my problem
have four way flashers, with key in the warning ding sounds but won't turn over
It has new plugs, cap rotor wires, distributor. Tried both techron and seafoam.
Clears when throttle opened wide. No codes! Starts about 5 min into a drive. Changed computer, no effect.
Did compression test middle cyls extremely low outboard cyls low as well.
Added a cap full of oil yo each, jumped right back up. Fuel washing oil off cyl walls?
Added 4 Oz of marvel mystery oil to each and left over night.
Ran great next day, then started acting up again.
It's killing me. Haven't driven it for a long time now.
Any ideas?
There is no pressure regulator on the fuel rail, or I would have tried that next.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I'll pull over and usually start right back up but sometimes it takes a little longer before it will start. Other times I'll drive it ad it does't happen at all, an ideas what maybe causing this problem.
Sometimes it will start right back up but other times I have to wait 5 to 10 minutes. What could be causing this?
I hear a high pitch squeal from the front of my jeep only on acceleration of 35+ mph or more. At low speeds i do not hear it. After i reach 35+ mph it will squeal and continue to do so as long as i am applying the gas pedal. When i let off the gas it will stop all at once. As soon as i apply gas it will go right back to squealing again. I hear nothing like it when its idling. I just installed a new front master barring kit and ring and pinion were good. I was getting a vibration at the same time i noticed the squeal so i took out my front drive shaft and i test drove it and i still have the squeal. Please help me identify the problem.
Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0 6 cyl automatic
PO441 code
I changed my thermostat housing and I'm pretty sure I did it right (unless theirs anything special) but now the coolant temp sensor doesn't work and I even replaced that but still j have the check engine light and my gauge is at the coldest it can (temperature gauge) is it possible the wiring harness got damaged or am I looking at the wrong part to replace. I know older models have a separate sending unit behind the head. But it's a 97 so just seeking professional help.
I have replaced the wheel cylinders and bled the system. I believe there is no air in the lines. The brake pads are in good shape and drum.I have good pressure on driver sidebut on passenger side when I'm holding down the brake pedal and give it some gas the passenger wheel starts to spin.I also have a spongy feel brake pedal and no ABS when I'm supposed to.
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