1995 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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Has a 4in suspension lift too
Have to brulp the gas pump to fill the tank up you switch to heater control to vent nothing blows
top of rear shock is not connected to anything what part do I need besides shock? bracket and or any bushings??
Got my oil changed with sluggish 1st gear issues the past year. Codes 12, 33, and 55 came up. Found out at oil change front differential was dry, rear was low with leak. Codes were 12,33,55,& now 52 that disappeared after oil added to front differential. Drove it after fill up. Worked gears with smoothing out in shifting, but slight grinding in 3rd and reverse on and off. Now check engine on whith major sluggish. Parked it, broke, and only have a bridge card. HELP! Appt. with shop in 2 days I have to borrow just to do, any suggestions besides a transmission replacement or rebuild? Most all my sensors plugs and wires replaced trying to figure out the 3 codes.
I was told that as a jeep gets older the shims between the cab and the frame fallout is this true
Iv got the parts !!
will replacing the TPS throttle positioning sensor be the next step to troubleshoot?
Every time I go to start my Jeep I have to turn the key on and wait 1-2 minutes then I crank the engine and it starts. As long as I wait then try to start it works. Had it tuned up and checked the fuel press and its good.
condition existed before replacing pump and filter, when pressure increases clciking slows then stops, when stop clicking the engine will start after few tries,
How do you disconnect alarm? It won't fire or get fuel.
Has been working, now it just stopped
shut it off and started it problem went away but have a rattle in the exhaust area now notice mainly on cold start all guages read good no smoke
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