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I have a 94 jeep yj leaker trans fluid from the torque converter seal I replaced it a month a go and just now is leaking a lot now it first went out when I went for a hour drive and then went out on the free way I started having problems when I went off roading and went through water on the way back home noticed it was slipping and got home i checked the fluid which it was low and little dark so I changed the fluid and filter I drove it around the neighborhood and was slipping just a little so I add bottle of Lucas trans fluid and worked really good but when I went on the hour drive the torque converter seal went out
Have power in dimmer rheostat and power out of rheostat.. test light dims but have no dash lights period. Been a gear head entire life. ..can't believe all 7 bulbs are blown. Any suggestions?
just bought a 1994 jeep wrangler that had been sitting outside not running for 3 years. we replaced the fuel tank and now when I filled the tank it leaks fuel. Had a popping sound when opening the gas fuel lid
Heater working but can't get it to open heater vent so it only blows cold. There's no A/C, the defroster works. I
the flap that let's heat into cab is stuck.
I sent my ecu out to get checked. The guy told me the capacitors where bad and he fixed it and sent it back. I put it in and it did the same exact thing. The vehicle was running fine then just shut off. It cranks strong but blows fuse everytime
I have to turn the switch on and wait 5 minutes,listen for injector pulse and fuel pump relay then engine will start.
My 1994 Jeep Wrangler 4 cyl std hasn't been going over 50 mph. So the highway is a nightmare need help fixing the problem. I'm going like 50 mph on the 5th gear which is the last gear on the highway and the engine sounds like its revving asking for the for the next gear but there isn't one. My grandfather sound it's mostly the transmission which I hope it isn't and friend who had a similar problem sound that it could be the catalyst converters. On a side note the engine is pretty loud.
I have juice from the battery, all wires are connected, the starter has been tested and works. I have not checked ignition switch but it would be the last resort. I have tested power at the terminals on the solenoid and have juice there as well. Is there a way to test the "starter" fuse?
i can't find where rain water is entering car under dash. all weatherstripping is good and in place so it is believed to be entering in cowl and then coming into vents but hose tests reveal nothing. i'm at a loss. any help out there ?
I have changed all of the wire plugs battery and starter. It will crank but won't start. Need help figuring it out . Before I spend more money
ahve a after market a/c system for a yj. System is charged right, no leak's, have put on a heavy duty fan clutch, have put on a shroud fan in front of condenser unit. while i'm driving air is ice cold, and work's fine up till about 85-90 degrees.after that ever time i stop, it short cycles on and off at the red light or sitting still. when i take off again it get's ice was 110 degrees the other day, and i put a swamp cooler in front of jeep, it droped the tempture about 100 degrees and the air stayed on the hole time.don't know what else to do? or is that going to just be the way it is?
when i'm driving it work's great, but when i get to a red light or sitting still it short cycle's. it is charged properly, i had to replace my fan clutch, so i put in a heavy duty one, no luck. i put a shroud fsn in front of the condensing unit. no luck, had a bad tenpture switch, i replaced that. would just quit while driving, turn it off and back up and the air would work again. flushed the radiator put stright antifreeze in it, no luck.changed 2 hose's, I don't think it's the low side pressure vulve. i'm about ready to go nut's. finally i put it in a shop 2 day's ago, no it's driving their guy nut's, he has not been able to solve the problem yet either. Someone please HELP!!!!
ok, when your sitting still at a red light or in a parking lot it cycle's on and off. when your moving it's ice cold for 110 degrees outside. I have replaced the old tempture control switch, i have put on a heavy duty fan clutch, i have changed hose's, i have put a shroud fan in front of the condenser, it's charged to 1 1/2 lbs of R134A I have flushed the radator, and the block and refilled with antifreeze. someone has said it need's a low pressure switch, but i think that is working fine.!!! What should i do?driving me crazy!!
Before this incident it would randomly turn off and take several tries to turn on again. After a few days it would cranak up with no problem.
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