1993 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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Doesn't come on .is there some other fuse or relay panel other than the one under the hood
I'm thinking maybe the gears are grinded out or maybe the sychronizers are shot.
Tilt wheel moves up and and side to side . It will not lock.still steers good.
only have the rear shaft connected..went offroad a while back i think i moved the washer for the rear shaft for the gear box vibrates alot on excellerating and uphills ! whats the problem ...i think its not the clutch ! might be something to do with the gasket! but not sure? how do i check to find out?
Just moved from 6000 feet to 500 feet jeep starts but really rough do not give it gas or it dies pretty sure I either need to adjust my timing or my air fuel mixture don't know how to do either one
oil filter blew the rubber gasket two times today pressure is 60 to 80
When its in reverse or first sometimes it does not want to come out.Then some times when in neutral it want go in to any gear and when you try to force it you can hear a bumping sound in the floor.I have already changed transmisson fluid and checked the clutch reservoir everything looks fine,could it be the clutch or transmisson.
new battery-new starter turn key over and one click and nothing else
Tempature gauge will rise to just about over heating and then drops back down to normal may rise a litle and back to normal. Is it possable that I have a bad radiator maybe a presure leak.
has anyone ever used a product called mega power
I just bought a 93 Wrangler and am trying to fix all the little things the previous owner didn't. Where is the ignition buzzer located and do you have a part number if I need to replace it? Is this buzzer also tied in for a headlight warning buzzer? Thanks
1993 jeep wrangler when cold oil presure gauge reads 60lbs after driving short distance say 10 to 15 miles gauge reads between 10 and 20lbs it has manual trans when idioling down sounds like a diesel. Does this mean the oil pump needs to be replaced or could it just be a clogged screen. If its the screen how do you fix. also don't know if diesel sound if comeing from tran because when you take it out of gear the noise stops.
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