1992 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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The remote that controls the anti theft is not working. Local Jeep dealer says cannot be disconnected.
It just turns over like it's not getting fire.
Jeep has set a few years not driven often. Sometimes fuel pump kicks on fine but sometimes will not at all. Checked fuses and they are good.
I replaced the ECU, battery is fine also no diagnostic codes come up except code for battery recently disconnected. Please help. I ain't no mechanic. Thank you!
Replaced blown fuses, checked for spark (none) fuel pump does not run. Can get fuel pump to work if I jump the relay.
Engine fires on all 4 cylinders and has good fuel pressure running in neutral at the curb, both at idle and full RPM, but will miss and surge in gear under a load (while driving).
have run good for two blocks than surgeing starts even gone 4 blocks befre surgeing if gas pedal not released the engine may stall if released idles great. what the hell ? new fuel filter good fuel delivery from pump
just had head gasket replaced ,after i got it back from the auto shop, use to start good hot or cold ever with bad head gasket.
its a 1992 jeep wrangler bought in Oregon we live in California cant get it smog b/c it came from Canada ca dmv said I have to take it to you but no shops around here wont let it smoged
computer reads ASD relay circuit problem
Battery voltage sensing .. ADJ relay circuit problem and oxygen sensor shorted to voltage signal to high
Could the starter relay be the problem? What device prevents manaul cars from starting without clutch depressed?
While on the highway, i can get to 55 mph with no problem, but it seems like it has not power to get and maintain at 65mph. I usually have to downshift.
How can i get it to have more power and drive it at 70mph with out any issues?
need to know how long it takes to replace head gasket
checked wiring, checked fuses in the fuse relay center. code 41..does this mean the computers bad? is there any other fuses or switches ??voltage from the coil side of the alt but none from the tan/black wire from pin 20 on the computer
Checked bulbs and fuses all ok just dashboard and running taillights are not working?
headlights and brake lights and turn signals work but not regular tail lights?
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