1991 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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We seem to have a good ground. Batt. has a good 12 volts.
New battery and new starter.
1991 jeep wrangler yj 6 cyl. 5 spd. Check engine light comes on/off with key turned to acc. Cannot use OBD1 scan tool because CE light does not stay on when engine is off and not running. CE light Only comes on while driving. Also, their is a stumble/hesitation in throttle response, from MID-WOT, from 2nd - 5th gear.
Replaced gaskets, cleaned throttle body, replaced fuel filter & fuel pressure regulator. Fixed exhaust leak, fixed vacuum leak. Any and all ideas would be greagly appreciated as i am stuck at the moment on what is causing this issue!
replaced the battery because jeep wouldn't stat. how no problem for three weeks and now wont start. Starter just makes a clicking noise
will start sometimes after a few trys has fuel but seams like no spark has code 33 i dont have a/c what does the auto stut downrelay afect and could that be the problum have changed the relay, coil, crank sensor
Jeep runs great changed out the electric fuel pump cap rotor plugs wires MAP sensor but does not idle
this started after someone try to tune it up and it has drop gas mileage
155000 miles, ran fine until it started too backfire when driving and now hard starting. changed fuel filter, and new spark plugs,wires,rotor and cap.
I have a 1991 Jeep Wrangler 4cycl. I am having problems getting it to start. The engine does turn over. I change out the fuel pump and bought a new battery. I also checked the sparks plugs and wires, all have spark. I sprayed started fluid in the carburator, it does start but kills. Any ideas what I could check now Do you think its electrical (fuses...relays)? Any info would help. Thanks!
clutch master cylinder?
Engine hesitates, hesitates, coughs, sputters and loses power
brake line whistling at fire wall on driver's side
just bought wrangler do not know what model have smittlybuilt frount bumper and 8000 lb winch butdo not know what model jeep dealer say no parts available cannot find rotor for distributlor dont know what model wrangler it is goot jeep but no good if can not get parts.
not distributor rotor available anywhere also noed the plastic retianers to hold rods for locks and inside handles to door latch all broker none availavle from jeep , chrysler or anywhere will have to scrap jeep due to lack of parts
I need the vacuum layout to see where the vacuum line from the shift motor goes.Thanks
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