1990 Jeep Wrangler Questions

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After driving about 3 miles vehicle stalls anytime you let off gas. While slowing for turn, stopping. Starts right back up. Will stutter when driving on high way over 50 mph.
my 82 cj7 has been running rough and backfiring when driving a n d stalling out and during when I stop
rebuilt short block engine but still using oil like crazy. New rings twice. Any ideas?
The Jeep starts normally with the seat belt warning light going off in about 10 seconds whether the belt is on or off. But when I turn off the ignition the light will come back on in about 30 seconds but it very dim and it will stay on until the Jeep is started again. I didn't have the problem until I recently replaced the starter and positive battery cable. I'm tempted to unplug the warning light but I am also worried about this being a possible short in the wiring. Thanx for any suggestions of where to look.
I noticed this after having my clutch replaced. I was told last week that the through out bearing was vibrating could this be the issue? I took the vehicle back to the place I had the clutch put in and they are saying they don't hear the vibration . Following an oil change at bell tire they advised me to take it back to the mechanic who installed the clutch. Could it be the through out bearing or something else causing the hesitation between gears? Thank you for any advise. Oh, by the way it won't go into gear all the time and trying to get it into reverse it grinds.
I had a machine shop check and shave the heads , I also replaced the intake manifold gasket and head gaskets and still get water in the oil. this jeep has the AMC 304 motor in it . any ideas?
This usually happens every time. Sometimes after running for a while I can shut it off and it starts right back up but not usually.
Is it best to rebuild or replace? (The "tell us your car" info is incorrect)
Every time I try give gas to go faster it. It doesn't pick up speed. Or when I try to go up a hill I give gas and does same thing.
I have an 89 Jeep Wrangler YJ, 4.2, manual tran. Was running perfectly down interstate. Came off of the ramp and the motor died and would not start back up. I have fuel from pump, fuel at carb, but intermittent spark coming from spark plug. Tried another coil but still won't crank. Any suggestions? Thanks.
also note some water dripping down the fire wall on the interior. I have no AC and know it is not the coolent. No dealer nor body shop know how to remedy this problem I need advise thanks
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