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Q: Jeep shakes and sounds like diesel on 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Engine light came on and took to shop said code for oxygen sensors replaced didn't make any difference returned (same code)then they said it was a false code that I had a burnt wire replaced wire after 2 hour diagnostic check at 80.00 per hour
then did "fuel cleaning " 99.00 also showed me a cracked not burnt fuse replaced it. Jeep still running bad returned they put second set same sensors in More $$$ Jeep still running as bad as before. Got 2 blks from shop engine light came back on says oxygen sensors OK this was the jeep dealer certified repair shop . The car actually has a shudder and vibrates which seems to get worse the longer it is driven really bad on idle seems to be using more gas and sounds just like a diesel pick up truck. This jeep had 58300 miles when problem began shop can't figure it out OMG HELP think cause I'm a girl I get 99.00 fuel cleaning Bottle of heat) treatment (didn't even clean fuel filter) The car does not misfire and engine sounds fine I refuse to believe that my Jeep is done for but have been told by shop to look for new car. I have read that this year has trouble with carbon build-up from manifold could this be the problem? Or vacumn leak or exhaust leak if it was cat converter wouldn't it code? Thought I saw similar problem on here but was never resolved. PS took to another shop and they checked harness and could not find a spliced wire from prior repair? So maybe I had a burnt wire maybe not???
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The exhaust manifold breaks very often on this trucks.The exhaust leak causing the codes for O2 sensors because at the cracks fresh air get into the exhaust system just before the O2 sensor.Manifold replacemenzt will fix the problem.
Thanks I appreciate the quick response I've been thinking this all along don't plan on taking to Crysler will it make any difference does it matter if manifold isn't done by them as far as after market is concerned Know wouln't want to do sensors after market. Any idea about the cost ???just rough guess sure wish they would have listened to me to good sets 02 sensors in trash.
You dont have to take it to Chrysler. You can buy maniffold at any parts store around $200-250 plus gasket about 10 bucks.Any independent shop should be abel to do dhis job.
I have spoken to repair person and am taking the Jeep in today they are telling me in lots of cases they take the manifold off and weld it what do you think is that an option I assume labor would be close to the same but is welding really the way to go I would think not what is your opinion. I know it would save money but sure don't want to do this again . Also would the leak have done permanent damage to my O2 sensors
The welding not a permanent fix but hard to say how long it will last. It may will last for years.
O2 sensor wont damaged from exhaust leak.
OK took jeep to reputable shop they say it is not the manifold still shows O2 sensor code still shakes and sounds like a diesel I'm at my wits end no misfires beginning to think its the darned computer if so can't imagine putting that much money into a 2000 Grande Cherokee LTD even though it has 59 K miles and looks like brand new . Never had engine light in 12 years always ran quiet and like a top really strange think it is possessed only code is O2 sensors and have been replaced 2 times with market sensors (mopar) Should I just shoot it and put it, and me out of our misery???? Took to another shop for computer diagnostics this will be the 4th shop counting the dealer. Have lost confidence in all of them and have spent tons of cash and still have no diagnosis and yet engine light remains on............They said they should know something by tomorrow afternoon :( Any ideas
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