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The abs and 4 wheel drive lights come on and it feels like the brake on the front left wheel slightly engages
2013 patriot 4cylinder 2 wheel drive...Started sputtering then abs and traction control lights came on and it started running smooth again....any ideas what it could be.
It will start with the remote, but it doesn't continue to run, I have 2 remotes the same thing happens regardless of which one I use. The truck will start with the key.
Was at an idel at a light turned off the ac had the radio on suddenly the car dies turns back on check engine light came on. Got the code checked bad ecu or bad connection with the ecu
After the jeep warms up and is shut off and restarted there is a weird noise from the front drivers side under the hood. A metalic knock.
Car has been in the dealer for a week. Finally a bad connection was found Now a new IPM was put in but it fried when the car was started. What next?

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