2011 Jeep Patriot Questions

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What seems to make the problem better or worse? after been driving it jerks
How long have you had this problem? 1 month
Started with lights on occasion then would not go. Sensor? Or transmission? Try to take off from stop would big down and not go forward more than a few feet then big down again.

It happens often, it's always to the left it veers off then back to normal for a little while then it repeats.
Taction control light is off once i start after i start driving more then 30mph the traction control turns on why??
ithas been running a little hotter than normal. changed t/stat 6 m0. ago it helped for a time but doing it again. dont want to take any long rides till resolved
5 spd manual. Making noise like no oil in transmission. How to check & add oil to transmission
got stuck in ice storm, and now traction control light stays on, and my steering feels funny and my tires squeal when turning even at low speeds.
Since I don't have remote start would I Still have an WCM (wireless Control Module) ? I would think not. My Jeep has just started the "One click then no start". I've read a lot of forums, and most times they say in the end that it was the WCM. So if I don't have one, any clues what to look at next? Anyone else ever have this problem? If so, any remedies? Thanks in advance.
The CD player and Aux plugins both work fine. Anyone else ever have this problem? If so, any remedies? Thanks in advance.
Whenever its hot outside there is a bad smell that seems to be coming from behind the glove compartment area and we've replaced the cabin air filter.
No response to peddle then it goes runs rough can I clean sensor or is this the problem
The tail light illuminates while parked , reversed, neutral but not while driving. my fuses look ok, not sure about the relays though and bulbs are fine.
2011 jeep patriot
abs and traction control lights came on, went back off and came back on. what could be the fix for this problem.
We had a really bad wind storm last week, and upon opening the door, it whipped open hard and snapped back. Now the door will no longer close flush with the car unless I shut it hard.
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