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Had new motor installed last month. Had new fuel pump installed 2 weeks ago. Jeep was hesitating on mail route, so dealer installed new motor. Was throwing code O2 sensor & running lean, so my mechanic put fuel pump. My Jeep still hesitates but doesn't stall like before fuel pump. & it smells like an exhaust leak inside can of Jeep. Why? This car has been in the shop for 2 months or longer. I need to know why It smells like an exhaust leak. Please let me know your diagnosis asap. Thanks Pam
why are these lights on and how can I fix it?
2010 Patriot 2 Wheel Drive 2.0 L 4 Valve w/ CVT 102000 mi.
After I changed my oil, the ETC light began flashing and the ESC light came on and stayed on. The RPM's responded to the accelerator but the car wouldn't actually accelerate. Did some digging through the web, and I found out that my vehicle had put itself in "limp mode". I figured it was a somewhat common throttle body issue. I checked the throttle and then plugged everything back in AND... still in limp mode.
Had it towed to a dealership service center and they tell me that my PCM is bad and will cost $1200 to replace. I'm worried that they are curing a symptom and not addressing the actual problem... How would I know?
Any idea on cost if it is a rocker arm?
traction control flashes and engine bogs down to nearly a stop when I try to pull out onto highway without driving around first. Cruise shuts off at 70 mph and won't turn back on until I slow significantly while repeatedly pressing button.
Does anyone know what this could be and what I should expect to pay for it? Thank you very much.
This does not happen all the time. The buzzing stops when the car is started. No other problems just the short buzzing when the key is turned on.
Light flashing on dashboard
Light is flashing on dashboard
I am losing a small amount of antifreeze, but not seeing it on the ground, in the car, or in the oil. I occasionally smell a burnt antifreeze odor. My heat seems to increase with acceleration and decrease with deceleration. I do not loose heat all together, but can definitely feel a difference in the output of heat. Found a stuck thermostat and replaced BOTH of them, but did not solve the issue. Any suggestions? Thanks.
i bought this jeep two months ago and it has 60k miles on it and it started to hesitate one day on the way home for work. Im not sure what to do? seems to get worse in traffic.. it also seems to happen at 40 and 60mph. Please help
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