2009 Jeep Patriot Questions

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standard trans is junk. ihave an automatic what do i need to do
Transmission doesn't shift into second gear. Will only go about 8 mph
Transmission wont shift from first to second gear
Service dept does not answer phone, or return calls in a timely fashion. Cannot give a completion date.
The engine runs fine but the jeep will not speed up when you give it more gas what is the problem 2009 Jeep patriot with a self contained transmission ( no dip stick)
Also blowing black smoke between gear changes as if it's running rich. Noticed that the aluminium spring latch on the fuel tank where the fuel bowser nosel pushes through is missing. It was there when I bought the jeep now i'm guessing it has broken off and fallen into the fuel tank. Could this be affecting the vacuum? Car engine temperature is also running cooler. Car does not shudder with ease, steady acceleration, only when I give it a bit more grunt. It's a diesel by the way.

Brakes weren't working well and upon checking under the vehicle the brake lines were leaking fluid
well I've tried out pulling the ground wire and it clicks in the front censor and it also is drawing power till the battery is dead and it sound like a bad sensor but i even pulled the fuse and that's the only way the clicking stops and I've even checked for bad grounds but haven't seen any at all and I'd check for codes only if it would stay on long enough to check and by the time it take to read for a code the battery is dead.
After traveling for the first 100-150 miles the light for the transaxle hot fluid comes on. When I pull over and turn the jeep off the light goes off and when I restart it does not come back on even though I go another 600 miles. Do you know why this happens? This does not happen except for when I drive long distance.
my question is how do i find #3 cylinder?
First off, my husband and I traded his car in this evening. We test drove this 2009 jeep patriot, 70k miles on it, carfax report completely clean.. And IT RAN NICELY! We drove around for a good while. No problems. All awesome. Except...
After driving all the way home.. It started "missing" a bit. I don't know how else to explain it. Like it was trying extra hard to move forward. A jolt.. Just on flat road going 25mph.Then we got On a big hill to climb slowly, and it barely made it up it. Even in 4wheel drive.
I am devastated/terrified because we've already made the deal, signed all the papers, and I feel completely helpless.
I need possible diagnosis, solutions, and any advice I can get!! I'm begging.
it has a cvt trans,can anything be done?
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