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Just started before thermostat was changed
2.4, 5 speed standard trans and about 139,000 miles. When first starting it on a chilly morning it fires right up and runs great. The issue is if I try to give it any throttle at all it wants to die until it warms up just a little. After it's warmed up it runs great. Only thing I have noticed is the temp gauge hardly ever gets to the middle point so likely needs both thermostats replaced and coolant flush. This jeep is a recent purchase and in the pile of paperwork from the original owner I don't recall a fuel filter replacement. Any ideas?
No issues with driving it.
From one day to the next it went from cold to hot air shop said no freon and filled it and put in dye it was cold one day now hot air again help
My gear in park but my dash says neutral
The sound occurs when i press the gas pedal even in park.
subsides little when driving. No trouble shifting (auto trans) , no leaks. Any ideas of what it could be. A/C also died. Could they be related?
I just need the lights off before I get an inspection
TIMING CHAIN and pulleys
Bearings replaced in april. same day messed up. replaced rod and bearings. two weeks later replaced bearings again.
two weeks later replaced hub, spindle with bearings. One month later bearing bad again. Shop thinks a problem in Transmissiom causing it.
Just brought in in for a check/tune. Mechanic is very thorough and very good (great reputation!). Changed a bearing in the left front wheel, recharged A/C, and checked hoses and transmission oil (very clean!)There are no "check engine" lights. We are leaving on a trip from Louisiana to Tennessee Monday and wife is a little antsy. It's either more pronounced at lower speeds or maybe I can just hear it. Engine doesn't seem to be straining and is shifting properly. Any ideas as to what would be causing this whining noise? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Oh, I don't pull anything and It has about 108k miles!
If my brake system needs repair, how much will it cost?
It happens when I let off the brake to gas as well. It's just a single knock under the floor on the left side.
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