Q: Jeep noise on 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I just purchased a 04 grand cherokee SE 4.0L. I never owned a jeep, but they seem to be a bit noisey when the driving. when i accelerate sounds like a a remote control car, a whizzing noise. Is that normal? is their anything i can do to quiet this down? I was thinking a HUB,powersteering pump?
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Depending what transfer case you have in this car. I used to own 96 Grand cherokee 4.0L with 242 transfer case, and when it was in 2WD mode you could hear the gears in transfer case just whirring inside. It might be what you are hearing. Does it sound louder when 4WD is engaged?
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first step is to get the noise diagnosed. suggest using a good local shop that knows Jeep. it could be a bearing noise or it could be tire noise. you will need someone
to drive the vehicle, then see if the noise repeats while raised on a lift.