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This only happens on rare occasions, but enough to make the vehicle unuseable at night. It has been to two Jeep dealers, spent hundreds of dollars, and still no answers. This happens on "ON", as well as "auto". Nothing seems to bring them on during that episode. On another day, they might work fine.
2nd hand car bought a month ago. Put power steering fluid in which helped rough steering, a week later same thing. Mechanic reports the steering rack is leaking oil and must be replaced. Service dept at dealer I bought car says new steering rack put in 4 months ago. Why is it leaking?
My A/C is only blowing out of top defrost vents. Same with my heat it only comes out defrost as well.
we cut the wires when putting on seat covers how do we fix them my mechanic says it will cost over 1000.00
knocks when idling, quits when rpm above 2000
Heat stays on hi and none of the selector dials change anything.
dealer ran hose cannot locate leak.
Tried manual locks and keys. happened a few times in winter. thought it was frozen. now it is not working at all. can I fix it? or should I take it to a garage?
pistons redone, 4 sets of coils. Dealer keeps assaying its the coils. local mechanic says it electrical what can I do?
i was driving and battery light came on. Car overheated and power steering went out. Was able to pull over. There was radiator fluid all over under the hood and the serpentine belt was off and frayed but not broken. Didn't hear any disturbing sounds, just lost power and car wouldn't start. Being told it is not just the belt but the water pump, radiator, fan and some electrical issues. Don't know enough about cars to know if that is reasonable or if they are taking advantage of me ...
Repair includes removing the dash area, cleaning out around the heater box, and taking out the carpet kit, drying it out, using enzymes to kill the mold and mildew, and then putting the carpet back in the Jeep.
Tried starting my Jeep with a key that non-programmed and meant to only open the door. The theft alarm when off and now the car will not start. What do I need to do to reset the computer in order to start my car with the Fob key (programmed key)?
All the doors will lock except for the drivers door.
Ive replaced the switch panel i need help
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