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A mechanic hooked up my washer fluid spray backwards- when I go to use the front it sprays in the back and when I use the back washer fluid it sprays in the front- is this a easy fix that I can do?
I have a 2009 jeep liberty and I went to leave yesterday but when I put it in reverse my horn would honk and my front and rear wiper liquid would spray and the wipers would go crazy.. I do not know what this could be.
car seems to be hesitant and not shifting gears correctly,
So I just bought an 09 Jeep Liberty and after getting home from dropping my girlfriend off at work it wouldn't start back up. The Battery is brand new and after thinking the starter was the issue, I replaced that as well. No Luck. After checking the spark plugs I seen they were flooded so I'm assuming something is letting in too much fuel? And if so, what is and where would it be? I have a baby coming next week and I really need to figure this out ASAP so any and every idea/ suggestion is more than appreciated!!!
Im looking to purchase a 09 liberty...It has 102K miles on it though. Are there any major issues I should be looking for with this year and model?
My Jeep Liberty 2009 is jumping gears while driving. I want to check transmission fluid but my book states I have a close transmission. Is their access to transmission fluid without opening transmission?
Very scary, while driving or turning, while excelerating, it makes a noise and stops driving and then kicks into gear!
Long crank and clicks when I start it. Sometimes clicks then starts up and other times I have to crank a second time and it starts right up but has a little shake but then stops. Is this a starter problem?
please advise
3.7 engine
Absolutely no heat going to the driver side floor but all of the other vents work fine. They're almost too hot.
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