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I had my oil changed and I was told my front axle seals are seeping. I usually find a drip every day on my cardboard from the middle of the vehicle like to where a oil leak would be. I have almost 50,000 miles on my 2008 jeep liberty. I will I know if it comes a bigger problem. do they leak by the wheels? and how long can I wait to fix them ? 400.00 to fix. Thanks, Betty
Still running but won't go in gear
The door locks stoped working. Wipers stoped working, and blows both of these fuses. I tried to unhook the battery terminals and hook them back up. After doing this there is no power to anything at all. We did get the parking lights and dash cluster to come on for just a minute and a no bus coad popped up on dash. Other then that the jeep still has no power to anything at all except dome lights that I had already stated. What is the problem??? Could it be a problem with TIMP or WCM ?
I was driving at about 35 mph when my 2008 Jeep Liberty died. The dash lit up, and I had to coast off the road and into a parking lot. When I tried to restart it, several lights remained lit on the dash. The malfunction indicator light, the trans oil temp, the electronic throttle control, the battery charging, and the electronic stability program/brake assist system lights where all lit. It doesn't even try to turn over. I have full power (lights, stereo, windows, etc), and we didn't find any obvious leaks. My radiator reservoir was VERY low (I just bought it, and like a fool took their word when they said they'd just had it serviced). It didn't register as over heating on the gauge though. The only time I've dealt with anything even close to this was in a 96 jeep Cherokee when the rear main seal blew. This was different feeling though. I was still able to steer (2 pretty hard turns) easily, and brake easily. ANY ideas? My shop isn't open until Monday, so I figured I'd at least start looking into what MIGHT be the cause. Any help would be appreciated.
Back hatch was opening but now it seems jammed. Head lights keeps coming on. Inside and outside lights.
replaced ac evep
and hose blowing hot air again just fixed one week of cool air
Passenger side bearing has been replaced twice. We were told this is not the issue and it may be the differential (bearing maybe)? And that we should go to the jeep deal which is not taking apts right now due to the holiday. Any idea how much this will run us to fix? Is this accurate information? Could it be something else?
hearing and feeling a rubbing/vibrating noise under our feet. IDEAS?
Changed the water pump and thermostat, refilled the coolant, ran on idle for a few minutes and still overheating.
Engine over heats and I cannot figure out where the fluid is going, not in oil and do not have fluid smell from the exhaust pipe or under vehicle. Reservoir is full and fluid will not go back into radiator when engine is cool. When engine is running and radiator cap is removed, have air blowing out of radiator with the cap off, is that a symptom of a blown head gasket or warped head? Engine does not run rough or bad. Have replaced the water pump twice and flushed the engine also replaced the thermostat.
I just bought this jeep liberty to day an when I got home I notice the smell it was coming from the tail pipe are in that area under it
top comes off track and leaks ... need a few parts in track replaced
the top comes off track , the front brackets are broken
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