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will 2010 jeep liberty rims fit a 2007 jeep liberty
Just died at 35 mph won't start now.
is smoking and stalls at stops
When I started my car, the alarm went off. I tried several more times. the dealer said to disconnect the battery and try. That didn't work, so we replaced with a new battery. Still didn't work. dealer said tow it in. Any ideas what causes this.
I've been told that I can go 3000 miles between oil changes. What would you recommend?
In addition to oil changes in changing the brakes, what else does a vehicle of this age require?
When I went in for recent repair, my mechanic attempted to weld my heat shield back on. As I was going down the road today it fell off. How important is it to the operation of the vehicle?
I drove it to work in the morning, around 8am. I drove it to a client's office around 11am, it was about a 40 minute drive. I parked when I got there and left around 5pm and my jeep wouldn't start. The radio works, the lights work, it beeps at me when i put the key in, just won't turn. I took it to the dealership and they said it was the ignition switch. So we, my husband and I, went and bought the ignition actuator and the starter switch and replaced both. Saved myself a couple hundred worth of labor but it didn't fix the problem. This is the first time this vehicle has broke down for me, in such a way that I'm immobile.

I bought the jeep 1/31/15. It is now 3/28/16. I also have had issues with the abs sensor. The abs, traction control, and esp dash lights have been on basically since I bought it.

My hubs bought a code reader and it is not throwing any codes. the check engine light isn't on.

All turn signals work when headlights & running lights are off; when headlights are turned on, left front turn signal doesn't work & left arrow on the instrument panel comes on. All bulbs & all fuses are good.
Engine Misfire cylinder 4/multiple cylinders. Have taken this to two jeep dealerships and one independent garage. Most likely a valve issue addressed in Jeep technical service Bulletin 09-007-06 but that only covers the 2005 and 2006 liberty supposedly and not the 2007 even though you KNOW this is the same engine. Here's where I'm at:
At each mileage marker below the engine light came on and blinked during idle at the first stop but stayed on solid and did not blink and subsequent stops while driving. Car idles rough.
• 79,667 – misfire happened. Bergstrom of Kaukauna, WI cleared the codes – didn’t diagnose said we'll just reset it and see what happens.
• 81,236 – Bergstrom of Kaukauna, WI. Had spark plug replacement 6cyl, fuel induction service, powertrain service, battery service, powertrain service and oil change. $931.28
• 91,531 – code P0304/P0300 came on again. Bergstrom of Kaukauna, WI. Tech said it was low on gas or could have a loose gas cap. Put 4 gallons in. $120.17 (total rip off)
• 92,456 – code B0300 & code 369009 – Bergstrom of Kaukauna, WI. First the guy entered in the wrong codes. I don't even know what the second code is but the first one is P0300, not B0300. I Replaced battery that was almost dead and battery clamp that was corroded. $151.15 Service advisor (Joe V.) says techs just want to keep doing maintenance without diagnosing problems. I'm done with this place.
• 100,676 miles – Tuffys Auto Service Center, Appleton, WI – Fuel induction system service kit 3 part – air intake system cleaner, fuel injection cleaner, 44K put into fuel tank. Checked spark plugs even though I told them I had new spark plugs in and they were the correct kind Jeep spark plugs- AC delco $246.38 Paid for same service I had done at 81,236 miles.
• 101,354 – Vande Hey Brantmeier Central Garage - cylinder 4 misfire again/multiple misfires. Checked compression which was 110. .I asked if this was on all of them, they said yes. I find it hard to believe all cylinders would be the same compression if only #4 is the one with the bad valve. They checked spark plugs, Swapped plug and coil from cylinder 4 to another and misfire did not leave cylinder 4. Installed new fuel injector. Installed Cleaner combustion chamber. Performed a hot soak. Tech advised a valve job to clean all valves and seats and replace valve #4 Estimate is $1565.00
Check TPM system alert is also displaying now. "check TPM system" means the WCM (wireless control module), which monitors tire pressures, has detected a malfunction in the system. TSB 08-008-07A should take care of it I found online.
• 102,000 – Jeep master Mechanic online ( – Tim Mohr – told him the above. His feedback was: 110 is too low for compression, it should be around 140 to 150, below 90 it won’t even fire, and at 110, it will misfire intermittently, so this is why the P0304 keeps coming back, it is easy to tell if it’s the valves or the rings, put a teaspoon of oil in that cylinder before running the compression test, and if the compression comes up with oil, then it’s a ring problem, and if it does not, then it’s a valve problem, most likely it’s the valves, and they should do all the valves when its apart.

Anyone have any other ideas before I pay to rip this thing apart? I've read the ASD relay and o2 sensors should be replaced most commonly on other forums.
In idle 5k RPMS, lil vibration. As soon as acceleration, back to normal.
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