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I found that it emptied it self out, through the vent, that I can NOT find the end of, through normal driving, overheating? There was a tablespoon left in it when drained. I see the rear driveshaft seal was 1/2 way out. There was ATF on the rear window & spare tire cover. No codes came up.

no lights come on. just beep, beep, beep (and does it twice) when put in reverse

Why would I have 3 fault caution light son at the same time; Slippery road, ABS and EAD light(s) all on?

I'm afraid that my headlights will stop working until then. My dash board lights up and Binks but I loose no power. Then my speedometer hand drops and comes back up. I can get it fixed Monday afternoon but I have to go to work Monday at 5 am. Headlights. Are a big concern will they be OK for me to get to work

I had this problem last several times week but I could eventually get it to start. It would run rough for a bit then be okay. Now it will not start.

i had an oil change two days ago and the mechanics said everything looked good and sent me out. today my brother started up my car for me and when i came outside there was a loud whiney sound coming from my vehicle. I got in my car turned it off, then on again. there was a weird smell, kinda smokey. just to test it, i pulled out of the driveway and i conclude that my power steering is suffering. when i pulled it back in the driveway i noticed there was brown droplets (maybe dirt from the roads) and a two inch deep, four or five inches in diameter clearing in the snow under the front and center part of my car. power steering fluid isnt brown, and when ive had trouble with it before, there was no weird smokey smell or noise

the control send a signal to the injectors to deliver a more quantity of gasoline fuel, i checked the map sensor, and engine water temp. sensor and crank sensor. but the problem still ...please send me more steps for check

The alarm won't light up or beep when locking and unlocking, but the dashboard lights and interior lights are on

I know technically how a rack and pinion works but my question is: is there supposed to be any "play" or movement to it. The rubber over metal piece that goes in the mounting brackets are slightly longer than the bracket so when the wheels are turned there is slight play within the mounting brackets. I'm not sure if it's supposed to have some movement cause the bolts are torqued to specs.

Replacing oil in rear end and I don't know if it is a limited slip diff or not

AC compressor clutch went out so changed entire compressor, dryer, low and high switches, and liquid line with orifice tube inline, pulled vacuum on system and had no leaks, put proper amount of freon in system and compressor cycles but still won't blow cold, just warm/hot air.

when you push on the tailgate glass to close it it just pops open immediately.

I had run the fuel very low that morning,but drove the jeep all day ! Its bogged down,or cut out kinda ? Like it lost power for a split second many times over the past few months,but never stalled ! Im trying to find out if there is anyhing i can check,or if anyone had this problem ! Or anything i can eliminate as a problem somehow ! I want to try and know more before i bring it in for repair !

Coming from the engine area. It's a pretty loud rattle when the heat or air is on. I know nothing about fixing cars.

Took it to the dealer while it was still under warranty only to be told I voided the warranty because I had a clean swiffer duster in the glove compartment. What???