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It just started today when i started it but it stops when its driven..
Thank you
Car dealership tech said my AC system is contaminated .
I have an enormous amount a water gathering on my passenger side floor board. It is not coming from the wind shield, heater core and air conditioning. My door strips are all in place. My floor pan and carpet have standing water but the top side of my floor mats are dry - tells me that it is coming from underneath. Worse on days with rain and when I run it through the car!!
Cleaned idle valve, cleaned throttle body, changed plugs, checked tps 14%-74% smoothly all the way through, 1.3.5 plugs were very dark while 2,4,6 were somewhat more acceptable. When I press the pedal it just dies, if I start it with the pedal already pressed it will work over 1,500rpm in a smoother manner but not normally. Have never changed cats in 145k miles. It feels as if one plug is not working but all coils are ok and again no codes at all. I'm stumped... Could it be a clogged cat? Hope is not a valve...
occurs between 20 and 40 mph, can not push the accelerator down hard or it falls on it's nose. does not die out. the surging weill stop if you let off the gas and go back slowly.
On a 2005 Jeep liberty what can I do for the diagnostic code of P0452? What is the most likely thing that is triggering that code p0452? i've already checked the lines and they seem to be good. Any suggestions?
I have two 05 jeep libertys, one 2wd and the other 4wd. The engine in the 4wd went bad so I took the engine from the 2wd and put it in the 4wd. The 4wd has one computer and the 2wd has 2 I think, one is in the same place (drivers side under hood) and the other on the 2WD has something on the passenger side too. Anyways after putting it back together it will not crank, it just turns over.. like it's out of time.


Pulled into my parking lot n lightning bolt symbol came on checked the book it said electronic throttle control its hard to find someone because my jeep is deisel
What's causing this? Fuel pump or filter, or something else entirely?
Factory door lock remote works on and off. Some times it works and at times it doesn't including alarm system.
my 2005 jeep liberty anti thief system will not let my remote key start my jeep
heads have been pulled & checked at machine shop. pulled #1 piston, replaced rings on that piston. after installation runs 15 minutes then loses all compression on that cylinder. HELP!!!!!!!!
applying brakes
steering wheel shimmies left to right
New pads and tires
Won't turn over , seems to be locked
I had my transmission rebuilt in November. Since then it has had to go back 5 or 6 times due to small leaks forming that increase over time. They are a reputable place and last time they had it was for 5 days. Now about two months later leaking again. Why is this happening and how should I handle the trans shop.? They keep fixing it but I can't keep doing this forever. I've come to the point of frustration where I honestly feel like I could have to take legal action. I just don't know what to do. Help!
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