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while I just had my 2004 jeep liberty limited in for the recall work. (ie) trailer hitch & lower control arm. they said my valve cover is leaking. along with the pinion seal. neither is leaking to the point where I see a spot on the ground from either one of them. in fact I cant even see a place on valve cover that is leaking ?
I am not saying they are not leaking but, what is your thought on what it is or could be..

Thanks for any help,
It won't start until is cool off 15 minutes later
The mechanic tried a new ignition switch it did'nt work he check the fuse again their ok. No power when turn heat or air nothing comes out no wipers,the fuel, cooling gauge the only thing working is the lights and radio and a few lights in the dash board, the battery new and the starter is not the problem. He's going to check neutral safety/clutch lockout switch, but he does not think this the problem Do You have any other ideas because it still won't start. Thank You
My truck was running find I stop at the store. When I came to start it it wouldn't start the battery is new ,but still tried to jump it and it still won't start all the lights in the dash board work, headlights, radio, windows all work.But the heat, defrost, air don't work. I thought I need a starter but I don't my mechanic can't figure it out he check all the fuse and it still won't start.
When I put it in reverse n turn the wheel to the left, the jeep makes a click sound. Also its been a little difficult to put it in park at times. I have to put it in 2nd gear then park. Its also an automatic.
Ppl who did brakes now want to do new struts saying that's the problem. I read-makes no sense. No pull to right, or sound, just smoke and rubber smell. Mileage about 110,000 basic maintenance only. May need struts but rides decently. What could be reasons for one smoking/rubber smelling tire 4 days post warrenty when brakes are applied at a higher rate of speed?
Black shiny kind of tacky spray just behind the fan. More on right side looking in than anywhere else. Not an oil spray as previously thought. Oil is full and looks fine. Engine has a different sound than normal - louder and not normal. No lights coming on, no abnormal readings on any gauges. Smells funny. AC stopped working yesterday but just figured it was getting older and was out of freon. Did not run it. Compressor still working just is not cooling. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.
Sounded funny when started. Drove short distance and popped hood and has oil spray from front right side as looking in. Has 140,000 miles on it and has been running great. No light come on and is not heating up. Smells funny though. Has been kept up with on oil changes and taken good care of. Just had #6 cylinder replaced about month or so ago.
the engine or doing the functions the ignition usually does. When inserting key , the key turns freely , makes no noise or does not catch like it should when starting the car. Battery is good and well connected.
clutch out of range which means what
i turn on heater , and seems to cool engine. Radiater fan doesn't seem to be coming on.Put dcv meter (while running)and get voltage reading. Put ohm meter on fan and get reading sometimes. WHAT's my next step??
Engine light flashing. Once car heats up light goes out and smoke stops .engine still has a skip.
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