2004 Jeep Liberty Questions

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Also when you turn off car engine keeps running

My oil smells when the engine gets hot. I was told seeping hose, what hose could they be talking about?

When driving it suddenly seems like its in nuetral and wont move ,but if i turn it off & back on it will go for about a block. We changed the valve body and it still does the same thing. What else can we try?

mal fonction,,and intermitent
tank you

initially they told me the oxygen sensors were bad replaced all four ran well for about 10miles check engine light came back on an runs extremely rough at a idole an check engine light blinks but when take to have codes read they tell me there are no codes but runs like a big peice

After a 40 mile trip. Never felt such heat as I exited the passenger side. Hood was not hot, no warning lights on. Never experienced that before. Outside temp was high 80's. Pulled into an open air covered parking garage.

We bought it that way and its summer now, but its just hanging there. I was told at the dealer that I would have to have it glued in with special glue at an autoglass place at a cost of about $50. Unless the glue has gold in it, I don't want to pay that. Can I do it myself. I can even solder it if needed.

When it starts up, white smoke comes from under the hood. Not exactly sure where from. My friend said maybe something to do with the coolant or bad head gasket? Is it an easy fix? If so how much?

Last week, my car had huge groaning sound and the workshop told me to continue drive the car until the replacement part arrive (estimated arrival date for parts was 1 week). This morning my car could not start at all and the workshop told me that the battery is completely flat and need replacement. There was no indication of low battery whatsoever throughout the material time. The question is whether a defective water pump can affect the battery, causing battery to fail?

So it overheated and I turned it off. Waited about 30 mins and turned it back on. The engine started to turn on and then died. I tried once more same result. I've already changed the radiator, and the fan and this alleviated the problem for quite some time until today. Any ideas?